''Mission Armenia'' NGO, consistent with its vision and goal, given with the need and necessity, has created, invested and developed diverse infrastructures for the provision of community-based social-healthcare services, which has enabled the elderly to receive various social-healthcare services in their homes, communities not being away from their familiar surroundings, leading a dignified, independent and active life. However, there were some cases, when regardless of the support, ensuring the elderly to lead an independent and dignified life at his/her house was impossible. That was the reason why in 2006 the organization enlarged its infrastructures founding a 24-hour service provision center “Artsvabuyn”' for the elderly.

A 24-hour service provision center “Аrtsvabuyn”' is located in Artsvanik village, Syunik marz. The center provides accommodation and a variety of 24-hour services to those elderly and persons with disabilities, who have partially or completely lost their self-care ability and are in need of daily care. The center is repaired and equipped with necessary equipment. A warm, family atmosphere is created in the center; the elderly are always the focus of skilled specialists' attention.
24-hour service provision center “Artsvabuyn” currently has the capacity to serve at the same time up to 40 elderlies.

Provide 24-hour care to those elderly and disabled who are in need of ongoing care; contribute to meeting their vital social and psychological needs as well as promote their social adaptation.

Single elderly and persons with disabilities.


Elderly Care Home Artsvabuyn Was Renovated Through the Grant Provided by the Japanese Government and
Through the Contribution of Mr. Aghvan Hovsepyan

The center provides 24-hour services to the elderly people; its works were resumed on 28th November in Artsvanik village. During the solemn ceremony officials of RA Prosecutor?s office on behalf A. Hovsepyan, the Chief Prosecutor, representatives of Mission Armenia NGO, on behalf of H. Kirakosyan, President of NGO, authorities of Syunik marz and other honorable guests were present. In the center they were greeted with salt and bread, and then Mr. Hovsepyan and Mrs. Kirakosyan cut the red ribbon that symbolized reopening of the center.

Then guests walked along the already renovated center, visited the boiler-house, assessed the work, and planted trees to mark the full and beneficial use of the center. Both the employees and the elderly beneficiaries were impatiently expecting the guests in the center. They all sat at the table together with the guests and expressed gratitude to all the people who contributed to this humanitarian work. Mrs. Kirakosyan also directed her words of gratitude to the Japanese government, Mr. Hovsepyan and the constructors, who had defended our lonely, homeless and vulnerable aged compatriots with their greatest devotion.

Up to now Artsvabuyn had had limited opportunities to comprise beneficiaries and was rendering services only to twelve elderly people. Nowadays, the center has the status of a care home and in result of renovation is capable to provide 24-hour services to more than 40 beneficiaries through the Japanese JICA grant project?s funding in the amount of 30mln AMD. Heating of the center was realized at the expense of 14 million drams, which were formed from the sale of photos of Aghvan Hovsepyan, who donated the sum to Mission Armenia NGO, and due to this amount, a modern heating system, boiler house was built and much of the fuel required to launch and operate the system was provided.



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