“Self Help Is the Best Help”

Mission Armenia has developed different feasible and reliable models for assisting refugees living in temporary shelter. Apart from the provision of social-health services, the organization helps them initiate family income generating activities encouraging them to independently solve their problems, getting the refugees out from "humanitarian trap", changing their mentality that of a passive recipient under the motto "Self-help is the best help".
The micro-financing projects that include provision of interest-free loans to the refugees are one of the best ways of achieving this goal.
Mrs. Hasmik’s family that lives at Artsakh communal center in Yerevan has benefited from this project having set up small shop at the communal center that serves both the refugee dwellers of that center and the personnel of the neighboring factory. Due to purposeful handling the family had a chance to procure car, and it enabled them further expand the activities and currently apart from food commodities they sell household and agricultural items as well, which is very important for the community. The point is that the communal center is located in an isolated place far from city traffic and shops, whereas most of the dwellers are aged persons and they have to walk miles for shopping, even for the basic items.
As for Hasmik’s family, this shop has become for them a good opportunity for getting family income, slowly yet steadily acquiring confidence toward their abilities and belief in their future.



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