Margo Ghukasyan, Writer-Publicist

The book is a journey through time, and the time is the entire twentieth century. The book tells the story of fifty witnesses. These are older people under the care of Mission Armenia NGO. Where have their paths taken them from the early 1900s until the end of the century? Read this book to discover the incredible stories of these individuals. The witnesses have all made immense contribution to various spheres of our nation's life and have kept their optimism up to the present times. The aim of this book is also to transfer the best achievements of their lives and creations to the present and future generations.
The book is published with the support of Mission Armenia under the funding of US Agency for International Development.
"Childhood, adolescence, youth, elderly age, old age.
The sweetness of life is in the cordial ties between the persons of all these ages. Each of them, if isolated and abandoned, will feel unhappy, especially the old and helpless person. This is why I address my word to the youth: We all have a lot to learn from the elderly, and WE are responsible for them having dignified lives. There are many lessons to be learned from older persons in this book. People that have lived to such an age not only talk about their memories but also do not hide their mistakes, and not repeating them is certainly valuable too."
  Hripsime Kirakosyan
  Mission Armenia President

"I have finished my book and put out the light, but in the darkness I see how the people that have witnessed the twentieth century pass in front of me one by one. They walk slowly, tired and exhausted. There are some that are proud, with their heads up. Sometimes people pass crying and drying their eyes with their sleeves like a child. Some of them have spread before me the medals earned due to their courage. I am looking at them saying: you are my relatives, kind and honest compatriots that have passed through many difficulties. You, the witnesses of the twentieth century… So, together we have once more passed the centennial way and entered the twenty-first century…
Now I am very rich, because on the unbreakable threads that are the pages of my book, I have strung the pieces of time."
  Margo Ghukasyan

There Is Sun in the Sky

Author: Margo Ghukasyan, Writer-Publicist

"At that moment a sunray appeared in the sky. It had been faded, but not died off."
I read this line in an old woman's letter of thanks. You will ask about the cause? The Mission Armenia employees had met her on the way to the baker's, walking on crutches and with the help of a stick. Since that time the woman gets the merciful people's help which is as precious to her as the sun's rays, warmth and light.

This book is the product of the author's thorough research, and is dedicated to the problems of older people.
During the last decade, this subject has become more pointed because of the country's unstable socio-political state. More and more people become helpless and unprotected. Each glimpse included in the book represents a story of an individual, of a hard destiny. The aim of this book is to let our society know about this acute problem as much as possible, expecting their participation in the works of this non-governmental charitable organization.

Content (in Armenian)

About Old Age and Jesus's Sons
1999 - The Year of the Elderly

Some Glimpses From the Life of Older People

Letters of the Elderly

Sayings About Older People: "Old people are the same as children"

Modern Armenian Reality and
Development of Philanthropic Mentality

The experience and knowledge of Mission Armenia as well as the analyses of its activities related to the problems of the older people, gained in almost a decade's work, come to the same conclusion: the various problems of the elderly are caused not only by the country's economic situation. Rather, numerous problems emerge and recur because of the fallacious views and attitudes and the disorientation of values. The positive solution of those problems and the positive development of society will be possible only if the most important issues - that of realizing the importance of humanity, philanthropy, and awareness - are taken into consideration.
The collection includes articles of various genres, styles and opinions, written by specialists of the philanthropic sphere. They have presented the problem from different viewpoints and in different ways. The main aim of the collection of articles is to point to the necessity of humanizing public mentality, and to emphasize and draw public attention to the importance of the problem.

The authors of the articles included in the collection are:
Hrachya Amiryan, Psychology
Vilik Yedigaryan, Management
Rafayel Papayan, Religion and Law
Karlen Mirumyan, Philosophy
Stepan Safaryan, Management
Mariam Margaryan, Management
Tamar Zaqaryan, Ethnosociology
Margo Ghukasyan, Journalism
Gyulnara Hovhannisyan, Economy

The articles in the book refer to the following issues in Armenia:
Public Society and Civilization
Charity and Religion
Philanthropic Mentality

I Am the Same As You...

These two full-color books feature series of stories that refer to the problem of integration facing disabled children and their coevals. The stories are presented along with impressive illustrations and pictures. They attempt to educate and also encourage disabled children to participate fully in mainstream society, while also aiming to change the negative mentality towards the disabled. The books are published with the support of OXFAM.

Content (in Armenian)

Book 1
I Don't Want Them to Feel Pity for Me
Souren From Our Yard

Book 2
Vanik and His Friends
The Tennis-Ball



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