President's Message

Dear Friend,

The non-governmental organization Mission Armenia operates over 20 years!
Having adopted the mission of supporting vulnerable population, today we can proudly declare that throughout all these years we have made all possible efforts toward realizing this mission.
Our devotion has not only assisted thousands of people but has been very valuable and fruitful for us as well: our mission- to engage in a worthwhile cause, to promote humanity, to support the poorest of the poor- has enriched us and made us more spiritually mature.
We mainly estimate the efforts, sincere drive, and consistent work of a group of people, committed to help the victims of the 1988 disastrous earthquake and war without backing down from numerous financial, psychological, and other seemingly unsolvable obstacles, successfully created a whole empire of social services.
We are also proud that our spontaneous venture has grown into a strong non-governmental organization, which, because of its experience and knowledge, has gained a special place in the social support sphere of Armenia.
The organization has become a unique harbor of hope and security for thousands of single elderly, disabled, refugees and other vulnerable groups.
The infrastructures of Mission Armenia have repeatedly proven their necessity and pertinence over the years and most importantly, have earned the blessings of the vulnerable people, as well as the highest estimation of authorities.
However, this crucial organization, which has been providing vital services throughout the entire territory of the Republic for over 20 years, currently faces the grave problem of ensuring its sustainability. The resolution of this issue will be decisive not only for thousands of lives but also for securing the existence of an entire social system, which has no equivalent either in the state or in public sector. And here is where your support can be crucial!
We'd like to invite you to be a part of this big mission and to have you contribute to supporting the most vulnerable among our people and enhancing the possibilities for their well-being. Surely our experience and knowledge combined with your enthusiasm can work miracles.
In this site we have included detailed descriptions of Mission Armenia's infrastructures and current projects.


Hripsime Kirakosyan
Founder-President (1993-2016)
Mission Armenia



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